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Koa salvage in Nahiku, Maui


A fallen giant gets a chance for a new life

The koa portal. Here once stood a large koa tree, what you see is one of the branches, the trunk is hidden in the bush to the left.
The picture is not turned! Here you can see the main trunk, horizontal, and it took all the neighbor plants with it in the fall. Just below it is a huge bee hive, making this salvage difficult. I made a salvage agreement with the land owner, and we are ready to get started....
Day one; Rigging for cutting down the "portal" branch
A somewhat messed up drive way....
The upper branch is getting cut down, giving the gate it's final blow...
Rigging for pulling down the main trunk. We have cut the roots above, and will try to have the trunk roll down, to get access to the hive.
And we managed to get it down! The branch in the center is the home for the hive.
Knock, knock, anybody home?
Ken Darr, Maui's only professional bee remover is working with his helper. The bees are not happy...
To bee or not to bee...
The bees are pretty upset. I am on a safe distance with my telephoto lens, didn't get stung once! Now we just need to get out of here and let the bees dissipate. It will hopefully be clear by tomorrow...
Day two: we got the root ball cut off, thats the stuff lying to the left. Scott is planning the next cut on the main trunk. This beast is 5' diameter and 7' long. Probably weighs 3-4 tons...
Somewhere under there is the drive way...
This is the bottom of the tree, a lot of rot to the left, but that was expected.
Scott is cutting off the top section, to make the trunk more manageable.
Here is some healthy wood, makes me happy!
What a mess! Pretty much ready for pick up with a back hoe loader and large truck. The milky white stuff on the logs is a sealer to prevent checking.
Day three: The big load and truck day: I assembled 8 guys, a back hoe and plenty of trucks. Scott is chaining up a large chunk...
My trailer is loaded up and ready
Tommy is running the back hoe, loading the dump truck.
Pulling out the root ball, or what is left of it.
The main trunk, Tommy will attempt to flip it over.
Here it comes!
Positioned for the rip cut. This chunk is too large for transport, must be split in three pieces.
George has almost finished the cut.
View from the other side.
Day 4: May 6, 2009, final logging day. Today we are splitting the main trunk in manageable pieces, loading what is left and cleaning up.
George is operating the Logosol portable chainsaw mill.
First cut finished!
The back hoe is lifting the large wood slab. Probably weighs about a ton...
Here the parts are being loaded onto the trailer.
George and I are ready for the long drive home.
A whole koa tree, pretty much, neatly stacked. Next, they have to be milled into useful lumber and slabs.